Feel Confident Purchasing or Selling your Engagement or Wedding Ring, Watches, Jewellery or Diamonds through Diamonds of Perth!

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Why Diamonds of Perth?

At Diamonds of Perth, we are equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in the purchase and sales of pre-owned diamond rings, loose diamonds, watches and jewellery. If you want to sell your ring, you can feel confident, knowing that you will get the best price in the shortest time possible for your valuable jewellery, and if you are a buyer, you will walk away feeling confident that you have gotten the best possible value for your money.

If you are a seller, feel free to call us now. Whether you are selling a vintage watch or an expensive diamond ring, a Diamond of Perth valuator can provide you with a quick and accurate valuation. Once we have come to an agreement on price, we will either pay you cash for your item or deposit the money into your bank account – your choice.

As a buyer, feel free to call us today to set up an appointment. Let us know what you are in the market for and if we don’t have it readily available, then we have a network of suppliers whom we deal with countrywide, and can usually get our customers what they require in a very short period of time.

At any given point in time, we endeavour to hold a large amount of stock of all items we sell. We are pleased to say that, often a customer will want a certain item from us, and by virtue of our large stockholding, they will end up investing in another one or two of the items we hold. Our customers are based in Perth and throughout Australia.

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Engagement and Wedding Rings

When Purchasing

Becoming engaged is special moment in time for both partners and understandably, most people will have the desire to give their partner the best diamond ring possible, hence the reluctance to invest in something “old” or second hand. The decision therefore to purchase a pre-owned engagement ring is really nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, quite the opposite. Here’s why:

At the outset, it is good to understand that purchasing a pre-owned ring from us will almost invariably provide you with far greater value for far less money than what you’d pay at a retail jewellery store – these big brand names profit very well off of their popular brand images.

Diamonds are not like a car, appliance, or a piece of furniture, or even another gemstone in that they do not tarnish, “wear out”, are very difficult (almost impossible), to scratch and do not fade or lose their sparkle over time. Diamonds are also by their nature already “old” having formed in the centre of the earth millions of years ago, so anyone who buys a “new” diamond is already buying something which is very old – no escaping it. Diamonds are beautiful and truly do last forever.

It is also very difficult, (usually impossible) to tell a newly cut diamond from one that has been cut months, years or even decades ago. So essentially when you purchase a pre-owned diamond, you are buying something that is in exactly the same condition as what a new diamond would be in, but instead are getting more extraordinary value for money. This is smart!

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Our Inventory

Peoples tastes usually differ, sometimes significantly, therefore, at Diamonds of Perth, we always endeavour to hold a high stock level of rings in all shapes and sizes for our customers to choose from. From cheaper less illustrious to more illustrious and expensive, we will usually have the ring you and your partner are looking for, and at the right price. In an attempt to increase this stockholding, we even have rings on consignment and as a result we are able to provide better prices than what the average jewellery manufacturer or diamond retail store can offer to the public.

When Selling

Selling a ring can be a very daunting and sensitive time in a person’s life. After all, the ring was initially purchased on the premise that two people would unite together for at least the rest of their lives. We at Diamonds of Perth understand this only too well. Therefore, whether you are based in Perth, or elsewhere in WA, or in another State, we have the systems and processes in place to make the sale of your ring as smooth and painless as possible.

You are welcome to come to our premises (please call ahead and make an appointment) or we can meet at a place mutually beneficial for both yourself and a Diamonds of Perth Consultant. It is always better to bring the ring and as much paperwork (original invoice, valuations certificates, etc.), with you. However, if you feel that you would be more comfortable doing so at a second meeting or appointment, that is fine. In most instances the deal is concluded at the first meeting, leaving both parties satisfied.

If you are based outside of Perth or in another State in Australia, or you would simply like to make use of our online selling process, then please feel free. This procedure is outlined below:

1. Start by sending us an email with some photos, a copy of the grading certificate, etc.

2. From here, based on our initial analysis, we will give you a preliminary offer If agreed then you will send the diamond in to us. Based on our agreement with the Post Office this is how it works:

  • We send you a label which you put on the parcel (insurance is in place).
  • When received – we check the weight, colour and clarity of the ring.
  • From here we put a true value on the diamond (this is what we can realistically sell it for).
  • Based on this value, we then make you an offer.
  • If you accept the offer, payment is made into a bank account of your choice.
  • We are also able to reach agreement to sell rings on consignment. Please contact us for more information regarding this.

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    We are always in the market for second hand watches in excellent, good or even not-so-good condition. If you are just looking to cash in then call us now. If you are after something different or more expensive, then we do do trade-ins. Whether you own Swiss, modern or vintage, we offer top prices for good second hand watches. Our stockholding includes, but is not limited to the following brands:

    • HEUER
    • IWC
    • OMEGA
    • ORIS
    • ROLEX
    • TUDOR
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    Speak to us today, before speaking with anyone else. We are passionate about watches, and will offer you prices better than anyone else.


    Whatever kind of Jewellery you may want to buy or sell, make Diamonds of Perth your first port of call. We buy and sell all kinds of second hand jewellery from pearls, to earrings, bracelets, silver and gold rings, bangles, brooches, chains, cufflinks, etc.

    Bring in your gold – we will also buy your unwanted gold and silver jewellery, bullion and coins. Bring it in or call us now for a valuation. We offer top prices.

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    Loose Diamonds

    We buy and sell new and pre-owned loose diamonds. Don’t make it a difficult and time wasting process, going to the wrong people to sell or buy your diamond. We at Diamonds of Perth are able to quickly and accurately place the highest possible realisable value on your diamond and pay you accordingly.

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