Perth’s Premier Buyers and sellers of Pre-Owned Diamond Engagement and Wedding Rings

Our knowledge in the purchase and supply of diamond engagement and wedding rings provides us with a complete understanding of all customers’ requirements. Whether you are selling a diamond ring or looking to purchase one, then you may want to consider us as your first port of call. We offer fair prices for your ring that we believe you will be happy with. We also sell rings of excellence at prices way below that of new, thus providing you with top value at really affordable prices. Our whole focus is on being a one-stop-shop in our chosen field – saving you frustration, time and money. In order to achieve this goal, we provide you with many options in many different price ranges, to suit you, your partner and your budget. Our second-hand jewellery, in most cases, cannot be told apart from new. We realise that even though, getting engaged/married, is the greatest step most of us will ever take, and that, in general, people want to spoil their partners, in the real world, most people generally have a limited budget. We promise to go out of our way to help ensure you get maximum value out of yours.

Whether you intend to purchase expensive or inexpensive jewelry from us, you are always regarded as important and treated accordingly.

Centrally located in Perth WA, we’re able to service most customers.

We believe in building trust the first time, knowing that ultimately this will result in happier clients, repeat and word-of-mouth-business for us.